Robinson Custom Inlays: Piece by Piece

If you’ve browsed our custom guitars gallery or searched for inlay work through CustomMade, you’ve probably noticed the stunning projects by Robinson Custom Inlays that combine the two art forms.  We’

"Buy Local" is more than just a mantra

"Buy local!" We hear it so often and it seems like such a nice warm fuzzy idea that who could possibly disagree with it? But how often do we stop and think about exactly why buying local is a good ide

“Discover Your Skills” and Create Respect: Mike Rowe and the Discovery Channel’s New Initiative

What inspired Mike Rowe to create and host the popular €œDirty Jobs with Mike Rowe €series on the Discovery Channel? An exploding toilet, memories of his grandfather, and a 30-year transformation in s

Time Alights: Custom Jewelry Boxes and Display Cases for Watches

Flip through your TV channels; pick up your smartphone; glance at the corner of your computer screen (which you can now find on your TV and your phone, too).  You’ll see the time on an electronic bann

Join a Trade Association and Form Great Partnerships

Do you belong to your local trade association? Do you know what benefits you could see by doing so?"A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business association or sector associat

A Rocking Horse That's Timelessly Modern

There's something undeniably clean, modern and striking about this rocking horse which is actually based on an antique German folk toy. The maker of this rocking horse is Michael Willard of Willard Woo

Where Fashion Sits: Custom Furniture with Musical Style

Check out this cool piano headboard made from an actual upright piano by jvp customs.   Artisan Jessie Von Presley specializes in one-of-a-kind custom headboards, especially flamed headboards, made fr

Artistic Vibrancy and Sophistication from Myrtle Grove Furniture

Beauty... sophistication... craftsmanship... so many words come to mind when looking at the furniture made by Sean Schieber of Myrtle Grove Furniture in  New Market, MD. But perhaps the most importan

Artisans of the Valley at “The Blending of Art and Wine” Event, Sept. 10-11, 2011

Are you looking events that showcase the best art from your local community? If you’re in central New Jersey this weekend, Sept. 10-11, 2011, check out “The Blending of Art and Wine.” Four vineyards wi

Clean, modern, eco-friendly furniture and cabinetry by Hudson Cabinetry & Design

Douglas Bialor started his own furniture and cabinetry business in 1999. His company was first "charmingly misnamed" the The Hat Factory and then renamed to Hudson Cabinetry & Design. They operate out

Choosing Metals for Your Custom Jewelry

When you place your idea for a custom jewelry design in the hands of a CustomMade artisan, “available designs” and “traditional uses” won’t restrict your metal choices.  You can have a gold wedding ri

Translucent Wooden Shades for Custom Lamps

What words do you associate with wood? Strength, durability, natural, beautiful.  Did you know wood can also be translucent?  CustomMade artisans can create shades for custom lamps using veneers, and

Touched by Lightning, Reclaimed Wood Continues to Grow

“The wood wants to grow.  Always.” With this powerful statement by artisan Chris Beidel of Pernt, THIS Visits begins a video interview with the CustomMade artisan about his journey from architecture to

Coming Soon to a Workshop Near You: Custom Standing Desks 2, "The Rising"

Are you sitting down? Good grief, stand up right now!  Haven’t you read Jim Carlton’s recent article, “Standing Desks are on the Rise,” in the Wall Street Journal Online?  Apparently, employees at Face

Bike Chain Themed Bookcase for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Maker Jeffrey Sgroi of Jeffrey Sgroi Designs in Raleigh, NC makes this eye-catching "bike chain" themed bookcase. It's about 6' tall and can be made in two species of contrasting wood of your choosing

Nature in Your Home: Custom Ceramics by Tile Goddess

Your kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, and your bathroom tiles are highly visible focal points in the most popular rooms in your home.  These spaces are just waiting for a personal touch.  Custo

Unique Hardware Designs for Your Custom Doors

Adding custom doors to your home?  Whether they’ll face the world outside or divide your interior space, don’t forget the amazing hardware options a CustomMade artisan can bring to your project.  Whet

Vermont, Hurricane Irene, and Buying Local

Written by Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft, Inc. Attention All Consumers Dear Consumer, Buying Local isn’t just business. It is personal. Your local businesses are owned by your family, friends and