Maker photography series: Composition

Composition is the way objects are arranged in a photograph. Good composition is a critical part of helping your product stand out in your photos. In our second installment of our photography series, …

Eight great (tech) tools

Better manage your business and promote your portfolio with the touch of a button. These free, user-friendly apps and online tools can help you be more creative, organized, and successful in 2014.

Maker photography series: Photography 101

Your portfolio and the overall quality of your images have a tremendous influence over whether potential clients linger over your projects. To help Makers who are new to the world of photography, or w…

Maker tips: Crafting the perfect message

Clear, professional communication is an important part of winning jobs. Here are five tips to help Makers craft your correspondence.

Welcome to Made by CustomMade

Every day people and Makers collaborate on CustomMade to create one-of-a-kind products. Thousands of distinct creations have made their way into so many peoples' lives and many of these products are i

Maker tips: Engaging with customers

When the holiday season comes around people flock to stores to load up on gifts; however, a little more time is spent on the most important people on the list. Finding the perfect present or something

Maker Tips: Engaging your Twitter audience

Now that you’ve had a couple of weeks to get your Twitter profile started, it’s time to dive into engaging your Twitter audience. Here are five steps to help you engage your audience with your tweets.

Nominate a Maker: 2013 Independent Small Business of the Year Award

When you think of the stereotypical job it looks something like a desk in a dreary cubicle occupied by a person banging away at a keyboard. The life of CustomMade Makers is much different. While there

Maker tips: Making the most of Twitter

Twitter is the underdog of social media. Facebook took everyone by storm and the visually pleasing platforms, Instagram and Pinterest, came into the spotlight as photo sharing and inspiration aggregat

From the CEO: 5 Marketing misunderstandings

CustomMade co-founder and CEO, Mike Salguero, attended the AWFS fair (short for Association of woodworkers and furniture suppliers) in Las Vegas, NV this week to talk to Makers about effectively marke

Q & A: Shop American Saturday

Shop American Saturday is a series of live and online events promoting and celebrating American Made goods around patriotic holidays. Inspired by the manufacturing work of their grandfather and dismay

4 factors: The price of a custom product

When buying custom, you can rest assured that your money is going toward creating a quality product and supporting the livelihood of a skilled Maker. Here is a breakdown of the four costs that factor …

Maker tips: 4 keys to consistency

A couple of weeks ago we brought you some tips on growing your business brand, with the third step advising you to be consistent. This particular golden nugget of advice is not only crucial in buildin

From National Small Business Week: Getting started on social media

Hey Makers, happy National Small Business Week! 2013 marks 50 years of celebrating and acknowledging the small business owners who make our country and economy tick. In an effort to support small busi

How to build your small business brand

You're watching TV and you see a somewhat cheesy ad for Yoplait yogurt. Two days later at the grocery store you're staring at the yogurt possibilities and you remember the skinny lady saying Key Lime

Budgeting for your best Maker

Accessibility to custom Creations is our favorite thing about CustomMade. Aside from connecting you with thousands of professional Makers, we also want to help you find a price within your budget. Whe

Amp up your portfolio

Many of you Makers can turn on the charm and use conversations through the job board to tout your qualifications and convince a Buyer that you're the best candidate for their Creation. Communication i

Tackling flea market mayhem

Spring and summer open the floodgates for flea markets. Here in Boston markets have been springing up and getting back into action, attracting bargain hunters and one-of-a-kind Buyers. I'm a huge fan