Be Inspired by the Things that Appeal to You: foureyes furniture

By August 03, 2012

Are you self-conscious about starting a custom furniture project based on your own inspiration or asking CustomMade artisans to modify their furniture designs featured in their CustomMade portfolios? What feels like a natural creative impulse to some, perhaps to most of our CustomMade fans, to others can feel like taking something beautiful and turning it into something that may be more €Ś uncertain.   What if the furniture turns out to be unoriginal? What if your design modifications are €Ś not good?

Customers aren’t the only ones who struggle to come to terms with their inspirations.  CustomMade artisan Sevin Salomone of foureyes furniture created the “Silver Fox” coffee table after catching a glimpse of just ¼ of a coffee table that was shown in an episode of the popular AMC TV series, “Mad Men,” (a drama that has inspired quite a few custom furniture projects with its mid-century modern look).

"Silver Fox" Coffee Table by foureyes furniture at
“Silver Fox” Coffee Table by foureyes furniture at

On his website, Sevin describes this table as “a distant cousin-in-law at best” to the original, since he’s never seen the original table in its entirety.  He also discusses how he’s come to accept his inspirations, as an artisan, in a way that could also be helpful to some nervous potential customers.

Copying, or being labeled a “copy cat,” is one of my biggest fears.  I’ve thrown out entire designs just because I saw something that looked too similar after the fact.  Knowing that I didn’t copy a design isn’t enough for me.  Though, as I think more rationally about it, it should be.  The truth is, every single person stands on the shoulders of those who came before them.  I should be inspired by the things that appeal to me, and I hope that I am lucky enough to inspire somebody else someday.

"Silver Fox" Coffee Table, top view, by foureyes furniture at
“Silver Fox” Coffee Table, top view, by foureyes furniture at

Whether you’re standing on the shoulders of some really tall people or having to peek around somebody blocking your view, Sevin can help you turn your custom furniture inspiration into something real, beautiful, and unique.  Check out these completed works from the foureyes furniture CustomMade portfolio as well as Sevin’s very thoughtful, detailed, and humorous stories behind these works from the foureyes furniture website.  And if you want to customize these designs for your home, Sevin even offers some suggestions.

"Bad Larry" by foureyes furniture at
The “Bad Larry” console might be many things, but there’s one thing he’s not. Square. “He’s all trapezoid baby!” foureyes furniture at
"Bad Larry," close-up, by foureyes furniture at
What can “Bad Larry” be for you? A sideboard, a media center, a bookshelf? You can customize the size, dimensions, interior partitions, and shelving to meet your needs. This custom “Bad Larry” is made from solid walnut and furniture-grade walnut plywood. Contact Sevin and discuss all your custom options. foureyes furniture at
"Clementine" by foureyes furniture at
“Oh my Darlin’! A little less edgy but equally impactful when compared with ‘Bad Larry.’” Sevin recalls that his wife once described the “Clementine” console as a “walker built for two.” (That’s actually a pretty neat idea). foureyes furniture at
"Clementine," close-up, by foureyes furniture at
“If looking like a walker is wrong … then I don’t want to be right,” writes Sevin. Nevertheless, you can customize “Clementine” or make discreet inquires about her sister. foureyes furniture at
"Meanole" Bookcase by foureyes furniture at
Don’t get in its way, cause it’s a mean ‘ole … bookcase. foureyes furniture at
"Meanole" Bookcase, close-up, by foureyes furniture at
If you want to use it as a bookcase, then it’s a mean ‘ole bookcase. “If it’s a storage thing … then it’s a mean ‘ole storage thing,” writes Sevin. “And what’s in a name anyhow? Would a rose by any other name not look as bad ass up against your living room wall?” foureyes furniture at
"Stealthy" Coffee Table by foureyes furniture at
Do you want functionality to slip into your living room under the cover of cool? Do you have a sectional sofa or a love seat combination that has your guests seated at a right angle? “‘Stealthy’ will be there for you,” writes Sevin. “‘Stealthy is a fitter … don’t be bitter.” foureyes furniture at
"Sevin ST" Side Table by foureyes furniture at
Does cool have nothing to hide in your ideal living room? “If you’re looking for utility, this table isn’t for you,” writes Sevin. This walnut side table is relatively small and has virtually no room for storage, but if your imagination lives where “aesthetics are king,” this table does one thing well: “it looks really good.” Even the table’s traditional joinery is on display under the tempered 3/8” glass top. foureyes furniture at

Contact foureyes furniture and share your custom furniture inspirations or custom modification ideas with Sevin.