Handmade Wooden Gifts by Sachs Woodcrafts

September 13, 2012

Select the wood, imagine the object, choose a personal message, and let CustomMade artisan Louis Sachs of Sachs Woodcrafts LLC make handmade wooden gifts for a special person or group.  “Handmade gifts mean the most,” writes Louis.  In his North Carolina workshop, the “Bowl Man” designs and creates unique hand-turned wooden bowls as well as stylus pens, duck calls, kitchenware, and other pieces based on his customers’ specifications.

Check out these beautiful handmade wooden gifts featured in the Sachs Woodcrafts CustomMade portfolio that Louis has completed for his customers.

Contact Louis and ask for personalized custom versions of any of the works featured here or discuss your own handmade wooden gifts for a special occasion, a hard-to-shop-for person, or just a little something to enliven your home.