People Who Live in Glass Houses Have Really Cool Walls.

By January 04, 2012

There is a huge demand for open concept spaces these days. People love open concept in their homes. Creating a cohesive environment for the family and an easier, more relaxed social atmosphere for larger gatherings with friends is the number one objective for most home owners.

Many workplaces are wanting to create this same atmosphere. Be it productivity, camaraderie, or an easier way to keep track of employees, more and more companies are opting for an open design for their work space. The idea is that people will be more collaborative and exchange ideas more freely. Custom  architectural glass installations play a big role in the transformation of office space. Glass brings in more natural light which will energize a space and the people in that space. It also brings the outdoors in, which has a positive impact on the overall atmosphere of a space as well as the mood and behavior of the people.

Artisans on CustomMade have broken through the glass ceiling when it comes to functional art glass. Walter Goldinier of Walter Goldinier Studios, LLC, for example, "works to challenge the boundaries of contemporary art" while working within the parameters that are set by his clients. He produces glass art that shapes and defines their personal sense of space.

Look around your space and compare it to some of the amazing work below. Could you happily live and work with these glass walls?

Consider using architectural glass in one of your family or work spaces. Its elegance is undeniable and the dramatic, artistic impact will surely make a statement. Browse our Architectural Glass Installations gallery for interesting ideas, or connect with a maker through our Get-It-Made board.