The Visual Vamp

By August 12, 2010

Here at CustomMade, we get by with a little help from our friends. One of those being fellow blogger Valorie Hart, a self proclaimed bon vivant hailing from New York, transplanted to her now home in New Orleans.  As a designer searching the internet for inspiration, I stumbled onto Valorie €™s unique, sassy, eye candy of a blog- Visual Vamp

This Visual Vamp is a woman of many trades, obvious talents (including a tango dancer) and a design professional herself. Her blog digests and spits out entries covering a range of topics from décor, fashion, interior design, travel, trends, art, music, television, movies and life €which she seems to be living quite fabulously! Glancing through her posts, I was instantly drawn to her apparent love of color. I am a fan of many styles, looks of old and new and am constantly inspired by so many things around me. With that, I see color as one of the ultimate magical tools in my toolbox of design possibilities! So in other words, she €™s talking my language.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Valorie to get to know her a little better and to have a little fun!

CMDesigner: If you could just start by just telling me briefly a little about yourself, where you are located, your background, as well as when you started your blog and why?

VV: I am a design professional and a writer, who relocated from New York to New Orleans over ten years ago. I started my blog, at the urging of my husband, in 2008 as part of my post Hurricane Katrina recovery therapy. Outside my door was chaos, inside my home (which was spared the flood waters) was beauty and calm. Many of my friends were displaced and never returned to New Orleans, and I was sad and lonely. Having a regular routine of writing and photo editing for the blog brought me back to a happy place. Blogging led me to many, many wonderful people who I now consider friends. Now the blog is a part of my daily life, and a way to stay connected to design lovers everywhere. It has led me to jobs, inspiration, and as I said before, to many new friends all over the world.

CMDesigner: If you found yourself in the airport tomorrow and was forced to hurriedly  depart to any location, no questions asked....quick! Where would you choose to jet to?

VV: New York or Buenos Aires

CMDesigner: Lately, what is one thing that you have you found yourself loving?

VV: Greige

CMDesigner: An object you have that you just cannot live without?

VV: My reading glasses

CMDesigner: A memorable blogging experience

VV: Front Row Blogging and Good Riddance Day (The Camel Toe post)

CMDesigner: Whats your favorite custom item you own or once owned?

VV: My silk drapes - three great colors: Lime (living room), turquoise (my bedroom) and greige (dining room)

CMDesigner: What does custom mean to you?

VV: Special, luxurious, unique

CMDesigner: Someone just granted you 3 free hours of uninterrupted personal time, how do you spend it?

VV: Go to the beach with Alberto (my husband) and Cholo (our dog)

CMDesigner: If you had the opportunity to have a new custom piece made for your home today, what would you ask for?

VV: Base cabinets for my kitchen

CMDesigner: From our site find a custom piece that catches your eye and tell us simply, why?

VV: The zinc hood here.
Right now I am revamping our kitchen and this would be something else!

CMDesigner: Being a designer myself I find that it €™s often hard to choice only one style, look or element that you love or that inspires you when it comes to all things design. Sometimes I am attracted to and exposed to so many wonderfully visual things, it €™s not always easy to make personal choices when cornered. You too may face the same dilemma at times. So for fun, I'm going to fire off some quick questions that force you to make some of those choices without thinking too far into it or too much about it.

So, when presented with these undefined options and asked to pick one......what would you choose?

CMDesigner: Black and white, color or sepia?

VV: Color

CMDesigner: Food, fashion or Feng Shui

VV: Food

CMDesigner: Matte, glossy or lustre?

VV: Matte

CMDesigner: French Regence armoire, vintage retro side table or modern metal coat hook?

VV: French Regency armoire

CMDesigner: Leather, satin or cotton?

VV: Leather

CMDesigner: Belt, clutch or broach?

VV: Broach

CMDesigner: Tiled, mirrored or marbled

VV: Marbled

CMDesigner: Turquoise, burgundy or burnt orange?

VV: Turquoise

CMDesigner: Movie, TV or theater

VV: All three!

CMDesigner: Two-step, tango or tap?

VV: Tango

CMDesigner: Paint, frosting or perfume?

VV: Paint

CMDesigner: Subway, sidewalk or skyline?

VV: Sidewalk

CMDesigner: Magazine, book or Internet?

VV: All Three!

CMDesginer: Glitter, pebbles or flower petals?

VV: All three!
Thanks to Valerie for hanging out with us and telling us a bit more about herself! Are you an interior designer?? Let us know! We'd love to work with you!