An Unconventional Engagement Ring

October 23, 2012

When CustomMade customer, Mike, was shopping for an engagement ring for his sweetheart, he knew he wanted something a little different than the standard designs that he saw in most stores; however, he didn't quite know where to start. Lucky for him (and the girl!) he happened upon Tossy Dawn Designs on our site. In Tossy's portfolio, Mike saw another engagement ring that she had made for a past customer and was stunned by the uniqueness of this ring. So, he contacted Tossy to make the exact same one.

Tossy, being the creative jeweler that she is, responded to Mike explaining that the design he was interested in was a custom piece. Rather than recreating it, she encouraged Mike to work with her to design something that was custom to the one-of-a-kind lady that he was shopping for. Designing an engagement ring can be a little intimidating to most, but Tossy worked hard to make the experience easy and fun for Mike. She incorporated the earthy feel into Mike's ring - which is what had initially attracted him to the other design - by adding very intricate and organic looking swirls to the sides. Mike and Tossy also decided to use a variety of stones, rather than just one diamond. Mike wanted to use a round red ruby for the center stone and accent the sides with four tear dop diamonds. Then, Tossy went a little further and added the couple's birthstones to either side of the ring: peridot and blue topaz.

All in all, this process and relationship resulted in a unique, custom ring - designed by Him, especially for Her.