Custom Glass Countertops

By June 03, 2011

At home or your place of business, your countertops have practical and social dimensions.  You prepare and show off your meals on home kitchen countertops and bars.  You display your wares and greet your customers at retail counters. Since you’re putting out your best, why not cast a little light on these vital and vibrant spaces with custom glass countertops?  Add the play of light to your choice of colors, textures, and shapes for your kitchen or commercial space.  Whether you’re trying to complete your vision of a glass kitchen or just looking for glass accents and serving areas, check out the variety and versatility of custom glass countertops by our CustomMade artisans.

How do you make a hot kitchen feel cool? If your kitchen is bathed in natural light, glass surfaces can transform the look of the room into a patch of blue sky or a reflecting pool.  These custom cast glass countertops by Ideas & Solutions look so inviting and calming, with shimmering reflections and edges that look like cascading water.  Artisan Paul Turzio can also fabricate glass panels, decorative elements, and shower partitions with etched, sandblasted, or stained glass designs.  He can also take you on a 3D virtual tour of your dream kitchen to help you plan and refine your project.

Cast glass can also add a sense of depth and intrigue to your countertops with designs that seem to pulse and shine from within.  These cast glass counters by Walter Gordinier Studios LLC were the highly customized results of an intense collaboration between client, interior designer, and architect.  Visual artist Walter Gordinier can create “functional art glass in physically interactive environments” such as kitchens and bars. Watch this video featuring examples of his custom glass countertops.

For an effect that can be both dramatic and intimate, your glass countertop can actually be illuminated from within.   Batho Studios created this orange glass Typhoon bar, which is illuminated by a light box beneath the glass, for the main bar of a Thai restaurant.  The warm glow makes a fitting beacon for a drinks-and-conversation spot.

A glass accent or area for your countertops can complement the other materials and surfaces in your kitchen.  This striking curvy kitchen island by Michael Singer Fine Woodworking features an elevated glass serving shelf that allows the mahogany pillars and maple counter surface to take center stage, while adding functional space to the piece and a textural and visual “counter-weight” to the octagonal butcher block on the opposite end.

If you have a vision in glass for your kitchen, bar, or commercial countertops, submit your ideas to CustomMade’s artisans through our “Get it Made” service.  You can also find a CustomMade artisan near you for a face-to-face discussion about adding custom glass countertops to your home or business.