Transforming Light: Stained Glass and More by Pompei & Company Stained Glass

By November 11, 2011

What can you accomplish with custom decorative glass?  When CustomMade glass artisans Joseph and Ivy Pompei of Pompei & Company Stained Glass combine “color and texture with the purposeful, artful, and magical potentials of light” in their stained glass designs, they can achieve many effects.
Our windows may assume a vast range of expression and function - from obscuring an unsightly view, to achieving maximum daylight while maintaining privacy; from transforming the mood of an entryway into one of stately elegance; to simply dressing up a window or portion of a room.
The Pompeis can help direct your vision for your home’s glass features with personal consultations step-by-step throughout the creation process, from developing your custom design to selecting the glass for your project.  Joseph and Ivy use the centuries-old lead came glasswork technique and can work with your unique ideas while drawing inspiration from art movements such as Art Deco, the Prairie School, Art Nouveau, and Arts and Crafts.  Take a look at some of the transformations wrought in glass and light that they’ve brought to their customers’ homes.

The windows that Frank Lloyd Wright created for the Avery Coonley Playhouse inspired this stained glass custom front entry by the Pompeis.  In the windows created for Mrs. Coonley’s kindergarten, Wright combined abstract imagery taken from parades such as balloons, confetti, and an American flag with the geometric forms and patterns characteristic of his work.  These geometric forms had roots in his own childhood education through Froebel blocks, a German system of educational toys.

You can bring Prairie School designs inspired by Wright like this entryway into your home with a variety of custom options.  Your door can be configured as a double or single, with or without transoms and sidelights, and with or without a wood door and frame.  You can even do without the door.  Take a look at a Coonley Playhouse inspired window by Pompei & Company Stained Glass from their website.  If you’re curious about the Prairie School style, check out the designs and information on their website or email your questions to the artisans.

If you prefer more representational art, Joseph and Ivy can create custom glassworks featuring landscapes and other scenes or animals, like this red parrot in paradise stained glass panel framed in oak.   The parrot is made from red, amber, and pale blue cut beveled glass and surrounded by hand blown seedy antique glass and crystal Baroque glass.   Contact the artisans and discuss commissioning a similar piece.

Are you looking for a window design that gives you both privacy and natural light?   The varied textures in these Victorian inspired Jacuzzi beveled glass windows will do the trick.   These panels can fit the most popular brands and styles of windows as interior inserts or can be custom made to fit any size window.   The windows shown here are designed around center medallions of hand cut crystal, but you can select other designs as well as color palettes for your custom order.

Need more inspiration?  You can find more examples of custom decorative glass windows and doors by Pompei & Company Stained Glass in their CustomMade portfolio.  Once you and the Pompeis discuss your project, you’ll be on your way to becoming the proud owner of a unique work of glass art for your home signed and dated by the artisans.