What is a Dovetail Joint?

If you open a well-built handmade desk or dresser, you may find a distinctive tail-and-pin design in the corners of their drawers.  That design is more than cosmetic; it’s the source of the strength a

Adding Room Dividers to your Custom Living Room Design

Do you have an open living room that appears remote?  Do you have a small living room that feels crowded?  If you include room dividers in your custom living room design or remodeling plans, you can t

FeaturedBiz Inteviews CustomMade CEO and Co-Founder Mike Salguero

Check out the December 16, 2010, interview with CustomMade CEO and Co-Founder Mike Salguero in the U.S. companies section of FeaturedBiz.com. Some of the topics covered are: Making it Easier to Get Thin