A little piece of home

A personalized gift can bring comfort to someone you love. See how a custom Texas pendant was given as a reminder of home.

Not Your Typical Engagement Ring: Custom Jewelry for Gamers

Finding the perfect ring to get engaged with can be more than a little nerve wracking. Taking someone's entire personality and putting it into one ring is beyond a challenge. Right off the bat, Custom

Custom for a Cat Lover

Cats have always been a huge part of CustomMade customer Mona'€™s life. Most recently, two young kittens have stolen her heart. Mona adopted young Ralphie and Norton from the Sunshine Rescue Group in

Bling in the New Year

If there's ever a time for a little bling, its New Year's Eve. No matter what your celebration plans are, there's always an opportunity for a little extra sparkle, a little more bling. To get you start

Dramatic Custom Dandelion Necklace by Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

To me this necklace looks like it’s made from freshly fallen snow! The light color palette creates a soft and gentle presence in a piece that is neither soft nor gentle.  Jewelry designer Michelle Paj

Custom Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

The unique and striking shape of this ring by William Travis Jewelry and the fun color of the stone caught my and got me wondering, what other jewelry does CustomMade have with this  "pink tourmaline

Joan German and Just Gini Jewellery – a match made in heaven

Sometimes a piece of art just speaks to you. It €™s a rare and special connection when an artist is able to capture the spirit of the intended owner in her work, and that is indeed the case with  arti

Adding Reclaimed Materials to Your Custom Made Jewelry Projects

Custom projects made with reclaimed resources not only will be environmentally friendly but also can benefit from the rich backstories and unique visual characteristics of repurposed materials.  If yo

Goin’ Out West – Western Chic for Your Custom Apparel and Accessories

The rugged and uncomplicated look of western wear can be very appealing.  Making a stylish impact with little fuss and no sacrifice of functionality is like a breath of freedom.  Western style clothin

Jewelryscapes: Adding Imagery and Scenery to Your Custom Made Jewelry

Is there a scene you’d like to have depicted in a custom jewelry design? Cameos and lockets can keep portraits and photographs of loved ones close to you.  However, if you have an idea for a big pictu

Tech Transformed – Custom Made Jewelry that Re-imagines Technology

The art of custom jewelry involves crafting techniques both ancient and modern and design methods from hand-sketches to computer 3D modeling.  However, what can happen when custom jewelry design focus

Tell Tchaikovsky the News – Your Favorite Musicians Immortalized in Custom Projects

Many of us began showing the world our love for our favorite music as soon as we could copy the logo of our favorite band onto a schoolbook cover.  That devotion continues to manifest itself through p

CBS News Puts CustomMade on Display for Some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Once again, CustomMade was on TV!  On Thursday, 5/5/11, CBS News’s “The Early Show” featured CustomMade as one of their top ten “Think Tech!” Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Tech expert Katie Linendoll gave

Custom Wedding Design

Has the romance and pageantry of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton inspired dreams of your own fantasy nuptials?  Perhaps your own big day is coming soon and is already a

Animal Motifs in Custom Made Jewelry

Are you an animal lover? Add a sense of play and the spark of nature to your custom jewelry with animal motifs.  Get your favorite creature great or small in an eye-catching piece that will show off y

Go Team! Custom Made Items for the Sports Fan

Like sports?   Do you have everything that has your favorite team €™s logo? Here are a few items you may not have.   Yet. Go custom with your passion for your favorite team.  The artisans of CustomMade

New Settings Bring New Life to Your Custom Jewelry Collection

Is there a jewelry piece in your collection that has sentimental value that you don’t wear anymore?  Perhaps you have loose gemstones that have never been set or heirloom jewelry that has been damaged

Go Dancing with Custom Made Jewelry

When you wear your favorite jewelry pieces, you’re doing more than simply displaying them.  Your jewelry moves with you.  If you enjoy moving to music, why not find a CustomMade artisan who can create