Let Nature Take Control: Bond Blackman’s Natural Jewelry

Mother Nature is “the principle motivation” for CustomMade artisan Bond Blackman.  The natural jewelry in the Bond’s Jewels CustomMade portfolio features fossils, unusual stones, and wood as well as o

CustomMade Mythology: Designs Inspired by Myths and Legends

Are you fond of mythic characters and epic tales? What fabulous creatures, wondrous beings, and ancient gods would populate the mythology designs for your next custom project?   Custom artwork, custom

Art Deco Jewelry: Custom Designs, Inspirations, and Restorations

With elegant yet simple geometric designs, silver screen star glamour, and Ancient Egyptian and other exotic inspirations with a machine age edge, the Art Deco jewelry in our CustomMade jewelry galler

Revamp Your Favorites: Custom Jewelry Designs Reimagined and New by Goldworks

Why allow your precious jewelry with sentimental value to languish in a drawer just because it’s out-of-style or damaged?  Maybe all it needs is a custom jewelry facelift.  CustomMade artisans Shelley

From Something Old, Something New: Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Non-traditional engagement rings that incorporate heirloom metals and gemstones in novel designs are a wonderful way to add a modern and personal dimension to these sentimental treasures as well as a

Bling in the New Year

If there's ever a time for a little bling, its New Year's Eve. No matter what your celebration plans are, there's always an opportunity for a little extra sparkle, a little more bling. To get you start

Custom Lapidaries

Lapidaries are masters of the art of turning rough gemstones into dazzling multifaceted pieces or other forms.  Professional jewelry makers as well as the general jewelry buying public may turn to the

“The Cutting of a Sapphire” – A Gem Cutting Tutorial

Exquisitely cut gemstones are so often centerpieces in custom jewelry design.  Have you ever wondered how artisan jewelers are able to work their magic so precisely on these challenging materials? Dan

Choosing Metals for Your Custom Jewelry

When you place your idea for a custom jewelry design in the hands of a CustomMade artisan, “available designs” and “traditional uses” won’t restrict your metal choices.  You can have a gold wedding ri

Birthstone Meanings and Custom Jewelry Design

Including birthstones in a custom jewelry design is a thoughtful way to combine tradition and a personalized message in a gift for any occasion.   The American Gem Society website has a very informati

What is Lost Wax Casting?

Since ancient times, artisans from around the world have made metal jewelry pieces, sculptures, and other objects with the lost wax casting technique.  Though the designs, styles, and, of course, fini

Tell Tchaikovsky the News – Your Favorite Musicians Immortalized in Custom Projects

Many of us began showing the world our love for our favorite music as soon as we could copy the logo of our favorite band onto a schoolbook cover.  That devotion continues to manifest itself through p

Custom Wedding Design

Has the romance and pageantry of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton inspired dreams of your own fantasy nuptials?  Perhaps your own big day is coming soon and is already a

Your Life in Custom Jewelry

This could be a crazy lace agate pendant with chain by ArtWrkz Studio, LLC. Artisan Donna Rainey writes: €œBecause each pendant is unique, I cannot provide a picture of what the finished pendant will