Coming full circle with the C-3PO wedding ring

Last year Joe proposed to Emily with the infamous R2-D2 inspired engagement ring. The two tied the knot earlier in the year, but this time it was Joe getting a Star Wars inspired ring.

Tune into your inner geek

The wisdom of the Jedi Order, the majesty of Hogwarts, the mysticism of the Triforce, and the immortality of the Elves trumps average human life on most occasions. It's almost unfair that we're confin

Love, Star Wars and an Amazing R2D2 Engagement Ring (Pics and Video)

When Joe decided to pop the question to Emily, no ordinary ring would do. With a shared love of Star Wars, Joe turned to CustomMade to seek an incredibly unique R2-D2 inspired engagement ring.

The Dolls of Japan Are Not Just Child’s Play

What do you get for the man who has everything? How about a doll?  An inanimate doll.  Ok, let’s try again. You have a wide range of choices for the grown-up boy such as action figures, models, toy sold

Faraway Places in Your Custom Cabinets

Have an exotic inspiration for custom cabinets?   How about a custom china cabinet or sideboard influenced by designs from Tibet, Japan, or farther afield? Whether the spark comes from your travels, a

Into the Cosmos: Explore Space and Time with Custom Artwork by Jim Sloane of 3DWoodies

What comes to mind when you think of outer space exploration? Astronauts and probes launched into space by rockets? Astronomers with telescopes peering into the night?  If you had to free associate a

Fascinating. Custom Accessories with Science Fiction Motifs

A satellite crashing back to Earth? Particles traveling faster than light? This can only mean one thing. The aliens are here. We’ve featured some amazing custom home décor items inspired by fantastic crea

Double Takes: Custom Stuff that Looks Like Something Else

See the water pooling on the table to the right? It’s not water.  (Too late for April Fool’s!)  It’s a Japanese style water droplet table by Michael Wolniewicz Custom Furniture Design with a water effe