Insect and Spider Motifs for Custom Furniture

And now, for a story about catching a different kind of bug, artisan Peter Loh of Peter Loh Studio Furniture explains the origin of his maple, rosewood, and zebrawood “Recluse” entry table:With smoot

Swan-Themed Furniture, Woodwork, Jewelry and More

The graceful, long-necked swan has a vastly different cultural significance from region to region. From Danish fable The Ugly Duckling to Greek mythology's creation of the "swan song" notion, it's cle

Seven Unique Custom Cabinets

What motivates you to choose custom made cabinetry?  True, it’s a sound investment that will add to your home’s value, but opting for custom cabinets is also a chance to create something wholly unique

Custom Furniture in Art Nouveau Style

William Doub Custom Furniture designs and builds exquisite Art Nouveau style furniture and architectural interiors.   We asked them to give us a bit of history on the Art Nouveau style and its impact