Reblog of a Wonderful Creation Story... from one of our Great Investors!

October 26, 2012

Here's an awesome story and experience that Chris Fralic of First Round Capital shared on his blog, You can check out the post originally here, or read on and scroll right to see how he took a bit of forgotten history and made it something new.

I thought I’d share an experience I had recently with our portfolio company CustomMade – they help connect artisans and makers to customers, and bill themselves as the world’s largest marketplace for custom goods.

We moved into a new house last year that was built on the site of an old 1860′s house that had burned down.  One of the few remaining items that from the original house was the stone, and that was used extensively for our new house.  The other that remained that we weren’t sure what to do with was this big wooden lion (see the first image right.)

The lion is also from around 1860 and was originally under the second floor roof rafters, and as you can see was pretty damaged and neglected.   So we had the idea to put it up on CustomMade and see if anyone had ideas of how to turn it into a flower box of some kind.  We got several responses and proposals, and ended up choosing Justin Kumpf of LightFast Design+Build locally in Philadelphia

He proposed something like the second image to the right. We agreed on a price, he picked it up and kept us in the loop as he was building it, including sending us these amazing images:

In the end it looks like the fourth image to the right and we'€™re happy and the lion is reunited with the stone. This is the first time we did anything like this, but we'€™ll do it again and would definitely recommend Justin from LightFast and CustomMade.