The Olympic Tiger Maple Bench/Table: Olympics-Inspired Furniture by Thomas Miller Furniture

By August 04, 2012

The Olympic spirit of competition has moved millions to show their appreciation of sportsmanship and their national pride.   CustomMade artisans, too, have honored Olympians and their accomplishments with Olympics-inspired furniture.

The Olympic tiger maple bench/table by Thomas Miller Furniture was designed and built to commemorate Canada €™s performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, which included winning 14 gold medals.

Olympic Tiger Maple Bench/Table by Thomas Miller Furniture at

Ontario-based CustomMade artisan Tom Miller is no stranger to athletic competition.   Before he began to create custom furniture, he played professional hockey for the Detroit Red Wings, the New York Islanders, and other teams.

For this Olympics-inspired furniture piece, “the wood choice was obvious,” recalls Tom.  “Maple, but like our Olympians it had to be rare and special: Canadian TIGER maple was chosen!”  Its golden coloration makes it a wonderful and fitting tribute to the athletes.

The striped figuring on the tiger maple top, the winner €™s podium of the piece, so to speak, is simply stunning.   The tapered legs offer their strength and support to the top, literally and visually.

Olympic Tiger Maple Bench/Table, leg detail, by Thomas Miller Furniture at

The red Maple Leaf from the Canadian flag has been cut and painted into each leg.  The Maple Leaf “lives in the Golden Table,” writes Tom.

Olympic Tiger Maple Bench/Table, Maple Leaf detail, by Thomas Miller Furniture at

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What Olympics-inspired furniture projects will spring from the triumphs of the 2012 Olympics in London?  What athletes and accomplishments do you want to honor?  Find a CustomMade artisan near you and discuss your ideas.  You can also post your Olympics-inspired furniture designs on our “Get it Made” project board and have interested artisans contact you.