Fused Glass: A Different Take on Jewelry!

October 16, 2012

Diana came to CustomMade looking for a maker to craft a gift for her boss: a simple pendant to celebrate the one year anniversary of For My Sister Friends, a company dedicated to empowering women. She knew that she wanted something non-traditional that was able to incorporate a variety of color into her design.

Stacey of Stacey Alysa, a self proclaimed "lover of color," looked over Diana's initial ideas and familiarized herself with the organization. With only a few messages explained, Stacey knew exactly what this pendant needed make is really stand out: a bit of sparkle! Loving the idea, Diana and Stacey began to discuss the process of putting a logo into a pendant. Stacey, being very familiar with this procedure, uses decals of a company's logo and fuzes them onto cut glass. She added a few embellishments, swirls of color, and proposed the new project to Diana.

Doing everything by hand, Stacey presented Diana with two radically different pendants to choose from: even though the For My Sister Friends logo is the centerpiece in both, each pendant had a different shape, background and colorful swirls for Diana to consider. Unable to let one go, Diana ultimately had them both sent to her!

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