No Ordinary Feet: Esatto Custom Footwear

By January 13, 2012

How many steps does it take for you to get custom shoes?

If Alex Kovalenko of Esatto Custom Footwear handcrafts them, 23.

With a combination of Old World shoe making and modern technology (and the post office), Alex creates footwear for people who have difficulties enjoying an active lifestyle because they can €™t find shoes that fit the way they should.   If activities like backpacking and hiking get your adrenaline pumping but your feet aching, the Esatto Fit Kit is your ticket to custom comfort.

If you can’t make it to Alex’s workshop in Battle Ground, WA, the Fit Kit will guide you (and an assistant) through the exacting measurements you’ll take of your feet using measuring tape, Podotracks (a sort of carbon copy of your feet), and photographs.  When you return the kit to Esatto Custom Footwear, Alex will be able to create 3D models of your feet and begin hand crafting your shoes, which will be ready in two months!

Do 23 steps seem too many?  For one customer, Raymond from Australia, these were just the first steps to the roof of the world:
I have just completed a 3-week trek in Nepal around the Everest region.  Your boots were absolutely fantastic.  As you know I do have a prominent deformity of my right foot, which has become worse with age.  This foot is broad with pes cavus, claw toes, and short Achilles.  I would not have been able to do this trek comfortably in a standard boot.
Want to reach faraway places? Classic hiker boots or summer boots can be hand made to your unique measurements (and can even accommodate custom orthotics) with full grain leather uppers, lining, and midsoles, Vibram outsoles, padded ankle collars and full gussets, steel shanks, and durable laces and lace hooks.  Esatto boots helped Polaris from Texas trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Even if your ambits are slightly more commonplace, your feet are likely far from ordinary.  As Alex notes, “most footwear has been mass produced for the ‘average foot.’  However, very few feet are ‘average.’  Most people simply grimace and bear it.  Now you don't have to.”  Where your feet are wide, your custom shoes will be wide.  If your feet are different sizes, you will receive different sized shoes.  Your shoes will be designed to accommodate your arches as well as “your bunions, longer toes, and other unique elements of your feet.”  These lace-to-toe walkers for everyday wear receive the same expert craftsmanship and custom design as their globetrotting brethren.  Take a look at this series of photographs from the Esatto website gallery that shows the making of a custom pair of walkers, from measurements to finished product.

With all due respect to the tailors of Savile Row, the handmade custom apparel for feet that Esatto Custom Footwear creates is worthy of being described as €œbespoke. € Contact Alex and have him mail you a Fit Kit so your unique shoes can be cut from your measurements alone.